Beef Offals

West Food Group BV is specialized in import and export activities where special poultry and meat products are involved. We have our own factories in the Netherlands and Ukraine but additionally we can offer beef products from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan taking advantage of high volume purchasing for global markets and offering best possible prices and conditions.

Frozen beef cuts and offals:

  • Frozen beef omasum, raw, salted, well washed and cleaned by hands
  • Frozen raw beef Tendons, Pizzle, Tails, Lips
  • Frozen raw beef Aorta, and tube Aorta
  • Frozen beef Semi-Cooked Unbleached Honeycomb, Omasum
  • Frozen beef Semi-Cooked Unbleached Tripe with or without honeycomb
  • Frozen beef Raw Small Intestine, can be cooked
  • Frozen raw beef Paddywack, frozen raw beef Green Tripes
  • Frozen Semi- Cooked unbleached beef Abamasum
  • Frozen Beef Shank, Shin, Spleen, Golden Muscle, Rib Finger
  • Frozen beef Top Side Cap Off, Flank 80 VL, Robbed Fore Quarter 90 VL, Striploin
  • Frozen beef Tenderloin Chain Off, Point End Brisket, Neck

Beef Products

Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentine, Brazil
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Beef and Pork Production

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