We work with two processing plants in the Netherlands where we process Halal chicken cuts and produce under our own brand DiBono and brand Vriesekoop.

Zoetermeer NL-5610 and Rosmalen NL- 5582 where the chicken products are processed.

We can offer on regular base fresh and frozen:

♦ Chicken breast,

♦ Chicken leg quarters,

♦ Chicken skin from breast

♦ Many other chicken products for industry or distribution.

Vriesekoop has installed a complete new IQF line to be able to produce products both for retail and foodservice.

The BRC accreditation which recently was extended in factory NL 5582 in Rosmalen in assuring safety and quality and secures the customers of a consistent high standard quality.

Vriesekoop produces 5 kg, 2,5 kg, 1 kg, bulk boxes, layer packed and etc with 90% 80% 70% and etc meat content of chicken breast fillets. Fillets can be diagonally cut and calibrated in smaller weight ranges. Packaging in certain branded bags, private labels etc can be subject to reasonable order quantities to make it economically viable. Also we are able to produce the product in a plain blue transparent bag without or with a label.

West Food Group has well-established relationships with key producers and operates to strict quality control standards to ensure that product is delivered to customers all over the world, on time and correctly documented to full food safety requirements.

Chicken products we supply from Brazil, Thailand USA and Europe:

♦ Breast single with or without inner fillet;

♦ Breast butterfly with or without inner fillet;

♦ Inner fillet, Chicken Shawarma;

♦ Chicken Leg Quarters,

♦ Whole leg meat b/l, s/l;

♦ MDM, Skin;

♦ Gizzards, liver;

♦ 3- joint, 2-joint wings; middle joint wing,

♦ Wing tips; Paws, feet.

The chicken slaughterhouses are Halal approved and we provide you Halal Certificate together with all other shipment documents and if it is required by your country we arrange the legalization of all shipment documents.

During 2013 Brand DiBono was created and registered by West Food Group BV (WFG) in the Netherlands as new brand for chicken products, which is produced on factory Vriesekoop. WFG believes that soon this brand will be well-known in Gulf region, African countries and CIS markets and the end consumer will like the quality of the products.

Chicken Products

Ukraine, Russia, EU, Argentine, Brazil

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