Frozen pork cuts and offals

West Food Group BV is specialized in import and export activities where special poultry and meat products are involved. We have our own factories in the Netherlands and Ukraine but additionally we can offer products from Argentina, Brazil, EU, Russia and Ukraine taking advantage of high volume purchasing for global markets and offering best possible prices and conditions.

Frozen pork offals:

  • Frozen Pork Raw Feet: front and hind, separated or mixed in one box, short cut or long cut
  • Frozen Pork Fat Ends (Cook Intestine)
  • Frozen Pork Raw Tongues
  • Frozen Pork Raw Ear Flap
  • Frozen Pork Raw Tails short and long
  • Frozen Pork Raw Snout
  • Frozen Pork Raw Stomach Pouch Cut
  • Frozen Pork Cook Stomach Pouch cut
  • Pork head with earls and with tongue and without ears and without tongue

Pork Products

Ukraine, Russia, EU, Argentina, Brazil
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